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Perimenopause and Menopause specialist

Helping you with your fitness and business.

I specialise in empowering entrepreneurial women to be motivated to move and achieve to create optimum health, wellness and financial stability. Your online Female specialist for fitness and business.
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About me 

Fully qualified Personal Trainer and Hula Fitness instructor since 2015, with over 8 years experience in the fitness industry.
I specialise in empowering women to achieve weight loss, build confidence, build strength, rebalance mindset and find the right nutrition to meet their needs.

I am currently studying for my certificate in 3rd Age Woman Menopause Transition Online certification with Burrell education and I’ve just completed a certificate in Pelvic Floor awareness. This is my passion subject as I myself at the age of 40 I am going through Perimenopause and many of my clients are currently in this stage of their life.

With a solid background in marketing, events and project management I bring these skills to my business and to other Female entrepreneurs who I support in their businesses.

A proud single mum to a teenage daughter I understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work life balance.

Currently based in Egypt and Online.

The health and well being of your staff is paramount to any successful organisation.  Healthy staff results in increased productivity and overall job satisfaction. 

There are several options available I can assist with:

  • One off taster class

  • Weekly class either before work, during lunch or after work

  • Monthly team fitness/fun days 

  • In Person in London

  • Online on Zoom nationwide

Organisations previously worked with

  •  Benefit Cosmetics

  •  CCD PR

  • Centre 404

  • Eastside Educational Trust

  • Exercise Move Dance

  • Harvey Nichols

  • Islington Carers Hub

  • Merchant Square Gardens

  • Nuffield Health

  • Thomas Miller

  • Tower Hamlets Council

  • Up Projects

'This was an absolutely wonderful course in all respects – please may it continue!  It is a great fitness course, especially for someone like me who commutes nearly 4 hrs every day and has no time for exercise at home.  It was also so much fun – I really enjoyed it!  Please please please can we bring it back!'

Feedback from Thomas Miller

Online Personal Training and Coaching

I understand the challenges that busy entrepreneurs encounter when it comes to managing their diaries to include exercise and nutrition.

I have the expertise, experience and skills to deliver online personal training sessions that will meet your needs. 


I can help you to achieve your personal health and fitness goals, whether these be to loose weight, gain weight or general tone up. A full health and fitness assessment is carried out and a personalised exercise programme is developed and modified throughout.


Nutritional advice is available too and meal plans can be devised.

I specialise in empowering women to achieve weight loss, build confidence, build strength, rebalance mindset and find the right nutrition to meet their needs.

I offer personal training services that cover bodyweight training, Hula Fitness and strength.


There is the option for 1:1 or small group personal training.